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NXT Construction is a major privately owned remodeling and construction company in South Florida.  We employ only premier Miami remodeling contractor teams to better serve you. We are a heavy weight in the field because our foundational philosophy focuses on customer and employee satisfaction. NXT Construction was created with the desire to meet customer expectations while meeting deadlines as promised. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and communicate thoroughly with them. All of this at very competitive prices.  

Our company is genuinely dedicated to exceeding your goals.

Our Services

Wood remodel kitchen by NXT Construction

Home Remodeling

From small to major projects.

Home construction in Miami by NXT Construction


Remodel or build from scratch.

Livingroom by Miami remodeling contractor

interior design

Flexible options for your interior.

Wall being painted by remodeling contractor

paint & floor

Aesthetic choices perfect for you.

Marble bathroom remodeled by NXT Construction

Kitchen & bath

Designs unique to your taste.

Electrical wiring repaired by remodeling contractor in Miami


For functionality and beauty.


Repairs and replacements.

Landscaping project by NXT remodeling contractor


Beautiful backyard scenery.

Repair tools placed on top of wood


Handyman services.

Miami remodeling contractor with tool
Door being repaired by contractor


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Our Miami general contractors have an excellent reputation in the area because they are committed to amazing service and your satisfaction. We select only the most capable general contractors in Miami. Our goal is always to save you money while providing you with stellar service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and let’s get started on your project!

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NXT did a great job from the beginning to end with our kitchen remodel. We are tremendously happy with the general contractor and his team. Each member of the company worked diligently throughout the project.
- Julio & Catalina Rodriguez
The remodeling contractor was very knowledgeable and worked just great. All of our questions were quickly and thoroughly answered. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a remodel.
- James Scott
We had the interior of our house renovated. NXT offered us a number of designs in the beginning and charted the timeline. The process was smooth and the job was finished in a timely manner. We are fully satisfied with the outcome.
- Tim & Daniela Smith
Sample draft for a remodeling project


We are determined to provide you with the best remodeling and general contracting services in Miami. Providing the best remodeling services will not break the bank with NXT Construction, as our company structure with in house contractors saves you money. Our general contractors in are dedicated to your satisfaction, and we are just a phone call away.

Why Remodel?

Wall being painted by remodeling contractor

Increase Sale Value

Kitchen or bathroom remodels, room additions, or other upgrades can increase the value of your home. Hence the cost can pay for itself in the final price of the sale. Even if you do not intend on moving out of your home in the foreseeable future, you can see it as an upgrade funded by the future buyers. With such upgrades, you will enjoy a nicer living space until you decide to sell. Our Miami remodeling contractor team has worked with numerous homeowners to benefit from the recent house price increases in Miami. Working with real estate agents, we can provide recommendations on the improvements which would yield the best returns.

Wall repair in part of remodel project

Add or Modify

Changes in life may require changes in your abode as well. You may need an extra room for a newcomer or your guests. Many of our customers have added rooms or remodeled existing ones to create mancaves, offices, or theater rooms among others. Just as your needs may have changed, it is also possible that you want your home to reflect your taste. Whether that transformation is limited to one room or the entire home, we would love to help actualize your vision. Fear not if you do not have your vision exactly drawn out. Our experienced Miami remodeling contractors can provide you with many examples to give you inspiration.

White paint sat on counter


While it is true that older homes may have that quaint charm, any building requires some upgrades for efficiency, practicality, and appeal. Older homes may not be energy efficient, and in a hot city like Miami, that can significantly elevate your utility bills. As time goes on, the number of repairs will also naturally increase. In addition to offering repair services, our Miami general contractors can also perform preventative maintenance. Our remodeling contractor company has performed aesthetic and structural upgrades to several dated houses right here in Miami. With the special experience that brings, NXT Construction is uniquely positioned to help your needs.  


Before & After

Photos of bathroom before and after

Sample Bathroom Remodel

At NXT Construction, we pride ourself in being able to assist you – no matter your need. From remodeling interiors to full home construction and anything in between, we are just a phone call or an email away from realizing your vision. 

We have teams of quality Miami remodeling contractors each with unique expertise in the project you need completed. Such an experience provides better timelines for you. With less time spent on each project, we can pass the savings on to you! Our in house remodeling contractors also allow us to cut out the middle man, resulting in more savings for you!

At NXT Construction, we promise to provide you with next level service. That means making your satisfaction our focal point and treating you like family. Simply put, we won’t be happy until you are!

 We service all of Miami-Dade, including Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas.

With our affordable prices, quality products, and superb contractors, we are truly the best choice in South Florida! Contact us today for an estimate or answers to your questions!

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a contractor?

A contractor is a person responsible for completing the elements of a building and/or remodeling project. Although there are many types of contractors, the term contractor usually refers to a general contractor or a subcontractor. At NXT Construction, we employ remodeling contractors who are experienced in building from scratch or remodeling the interiors and exteriors of homes. As your satisfaction and our reputation are priorities, we work with only the highest caliber and best general contractors in Miami. 

2. What does a remodeling contractor do?

Our Miami remodeling contractor teams obtain the necessary materials and equipment, as well as organizing and overseeing the labor to complete the project. With the contractor in charge, aspects of the projects may be completed with subcontractors. Furthermore, an advantage of hiring NXT Construction is that our company employs contractors specializing in each facet of a project. This allows us to perform projects in a timelier manner and pass on the savings to you.

3. How should I determine which remodeling contractor to hire?

We believe that the reputation of a company is crucial when deciding to a hire a remodeling contractor. While attempting to gauge a company’s reputation, you can read the reviews from customers just like you. Our remodeling contractor company has enjoyed a stellar reputation over the years in Miami. When it comes to getting the best value, you can contact multiple companies and obtain numerous bids for the project. Because of the in-house contractors we employ, we happily offer relatively low bids for your projects. You can test our claim for yourself!

4. Why do I need a contractor for a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel is a major project. Thus it is typically costly, and the kitchen is an important part of the home. Remodeling your kitchen is not an area where you want to take risks. We undertake projects to satisfy your expectations for functionality, beauty, and value. Our remodeling work ensures that the design will be convenient for use, appeal to the visual senses, and increase the value of your home. It is our close relationships with real estate agents which inform our ability to advise how your property can maximize its value. Contact us to find out more!

5. Why do I need a contractor for a bathroom remodel?

The bathrooms of a house need precise workmanship due to the complexity plumbing can present. The mistakes here can be even more costly in case project goes awry. There is also a wide array of options for the materials and styles you can choose from. Thanks to our  experience in bathroom remodeling, we take care of each aspect and handle any challenge. Hence, our company will leave you with aesthetic and functional bathrooms that will boost the value of your home.

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